Helping to Ensure That No One Goes Without Medicine During a Disaster 


Community resilience depends upon a strong healthcare system. This is doubly true during times of disaster.

Rx Response helps to strengthen healthcare supply chains through collaboration with public health and private sectors by addressing pressing issues before, during, and after disasters. As the convener of industry and government, we safeguard patient health by providing solutions to critical problems.

And, we provide best practices for healthcare preparedness and response.

Learn more about how Rx Response serves its members during and outside of emergencies

Need to locate the closest open pharmacy during an emergency?

When activated during an emergency, the Rx Open tool helps to connect individuals with open pharmacies within an affected disaster area.

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Emily Lord

June 6, 2015

A New Solution to the Issue of Healthcare Access into Disaster Areas

Earlier this year, I wrote about the need for a shift from a reactive to proactive approach to addressing the most chronic issues plaguing healthcare preparedness.  It’s a big statement and one we are starting to tackle piece by piece (we have our work cut out for us).  Our ... (more)

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