In the event of a severe public emergency one of the many critical factors in preserving and protecting public health has proven to be continued patient access to essential medicines for the treatment of injuries and the continued supply of lifesaving medicines. Addressing the public’s medication needs during such emergencies requires more than the individual efforts of companies, industry groups or public officials alone.

Rx Response is a coalition of the private sector bio-pharmaceuitical supply chain dedicated to continuing the flow of medicine during servere public health emergencies, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or pandemics. Rx Response is a highly sophisticated information-sharing and problem-solving program that is supported by state of-the-art technology, tested plans, and a team of experts that is ready for action.

Rx Response’s coalition includes organizations involved in the manufacturing, distribution and dispensing of bio-pharmaceutical medicines. Rx Response partner’s include:
Rx Response has provided emergency management and public health officials with unprecedented access to the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain, acting as a single point of contact that can share information about the status of the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain and help resolve obstacles to the flow of medicines.

Rx Response also works with private sector bio-pharmaceutical supply chain partners to help improve their ability to respond to emergencies and recover faster after a disruption.

Rx Response partners receive information through InfoCenter, the program’s secure, password protected information-sharing forum.


The Rx Response program strives to help support the continued delivery of critical medicines to patients threatened by a severe public health emergency that disrupts the normal bio-pharmaceutical supply system through its role as an information-sharing and problem-solving forum for a coalition of bio-pharmaceutical supply system organizations, disaster relief agencies and state/federal government agencies.

Learn more about Rx Response’s history, and how Rx Response helps during and in preparation for disasters.

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