Since 2007, Rx Response has received praise from the bio-pharmaceutical industry and government agencies,
and has been recognized for its critical role in increasing America’s disaster resilience. We’re proud to share some highlights.

“We always want to be sure the supply chain is intact and so we partner with Rx Response to get good visibility and have a really good back and forth relationship. During Hurricane Sandy, they were able to give us a heads up about what pharmacies were open and closed… about where power was needed or where fuel was needed and we were able to help provide power or fuel.”

Rear Admiral Nicole Lurie, MD

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response
US Dept. of Health & Human Services

“During the H1N1 pandemic, Rx Response helped build relationships between federal officials and NACDS that led to the expanded use of community pharmacies in the largest influenza vaccination campaign in U.S. history.”

Kathleen Jeager, NACDS

Senior Vice President, Pharmacy
Care and Patient Advocacy

Rx Response provides insight into the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain during disaster as a key member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council (HSCC), a part of DHS’s Critical Infrastructure Protection program.

Rx Response is an active member of the Institute of Medicine’s Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Catastrophic Events, a team of public and private sector experts focused on developing and enhancing the nation’s medical and public health preparedness.

“Before Sandy made landfall, we requested Rx Response’s help in finding out how our members’ delivery trucks could get credentialed so they could access restricted areas. In a disaster situation, fast response is critical and Rx Response facilitated rapid information exchange on our behalf.

John M. Gray

President and CEO

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Rx Response provided recommendations to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the request of city officials to help increase the city’s pre-disaster engagement with community pharmacies in order to boost post-disaster resiliency. The recommendations were incorporated as Initiative # 10 of “A Stronger, More Resilient New York,” the Mayor’s post-Sandy action plan.

“The Rx Response program has helped
BIO companies – and the companies they work with and depend on in the supply chain – educate themselves before a disaster so companies and patients can quickly access the information or support they need when a disaster is occurring.

Phyllis Arthur, MBA

Senior Director for Vaccines,
and Diagnostics Policy

In July 2013, the National Lieutenant Governors Association passed a
Resolution in Support of the Rx Response Initiative encouraging state government to work with Rx Response to better plan for and respond to disasters. The resolution is another example of Rx Response’s
growing recognition as a critical homeland security asset.


Drug Topics showcases Rx Response’s important work in profile of Rx Response Executive Director Erin Mullen

“Thank you [Rx Response] for your help in setting up assistance in the aftermath of Sandy. I think we’ve all learned after Katrina that getting access to medication and information about where to get medicines is an important part of the emergency response and we couldn’t do it without you.

Janet Napolitano

Former Homeland Security Secretary
(In a Phone Call to Rx Response
Leaders Following Hurricane Sandy)

Rx Response Executive Director Erin Mullen, RPh, PhD, CEM, was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for Preparedness at the 2013 National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans.

“The Rx Response [2013] exercise provided great value to increasing our situational readiness for a real crisis of similar scope.”

Chris Wright

Senior Manager, Worldwide Business
Continuity & Crisis Management


The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore interviews Executive Director Erin Mullen at the 2013 National Hurricane Conference for a profile on Rx Response.


Among the top concerns of state emergency management directors is protecting disaster survivors. That’s why Rx Response is a nonprofit member of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA), and works to ensure continued access to medications during emergencies.