Welcome to the new Rx Response Website and Blog!

Erin Mullen

Dr. Erin Mullen is the Director of the Rx Response program. She is a pharmacist, emergency manager, and disaster responder.


Welcome to the new Rx Response Website and Blog! We are proud to launch these new resources to help emergency managers, public health officials and our private sector partners in the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain learn about the Rx Response program and connect with our team.

This week, at the National Hurricane Conference, we are getting together with emergency managers from all over the country to share lessons learned regarding protection, preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

Today we’ve implemented one of our lessons learned from Super Storm Sandy which is making things you need easier to find in a crisis: when you need to find an open pharmacy in a disaster, go to our newly rebranded Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool (PSRT), now called Rx Open to find a searchable map that displays pharmacy status based on normal business activity.

Another one of our lessons learned is that the conversation needs to continue. Everyone in the healthcare, public health, and emergency management sectors need to know and learn from each other, and should be aware of our mutual capabilities in a disaster.

We’re continuing the dialog in many ways – and the launch of this blog is one of them. We’ll be writing about the many topics Rx Response is involved with: from business continuity, community planning, and disaster response and recovery. We’ll be including links to some of the items of interest we find that come up in the news – and we hope you’ll send us the ones you find interesting.

What I’m reading this week:

ASTHO: Managing Antiviral Medication during the 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic: State and Local Public Health Department Responsibilities

Vaccine News Daily: New Models to Predict Pandemic Flu

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