Welcome to the New Rx Response InfoCenter

Jodi Meier

Jodi Meier is the Membership Development Manager and Consultant to the Rx Response Program. She manages the program’s recruitment and engagement efforts and plays a role on the support team when responding to emergencies. Jodi’s expertise focuses on member relations and communications.

We are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned member’s only website, InfoCenter. InfoCenter has been designed to reflect the needs of our members and for ease of use. It is a central repository of information for members to help them prepare and respond to a crisis. Resources include, exercise templates your organization can adopt, state specific resources, industry preparedness and response reports, access to emergency specific websites with situation reports, and much more.

Please note that full access to InfoCenter is only available to Rx Response private sector members, government, and non-profit partners. If you would like to learn more about membership with Rx Response please email us at contactus@rxresponse.org. Membership is always free for government employees. Those who are not members will have limited access to InfoCenter that will allow you to select notification preferences, update your personal profile, and access a redacted situation report during a crisis.

If you had access to the old InfoCenter you have been automatically added to the new site. You will need to click forgot password at the bottom of the login screen to have a temporary password emailed to you. Once you are logged in you can change your password under “My Account” on the main menu bar.

Start exploring! InfoCenter is broken down into six main sections.

Emergency Sites – Only active in emergencies (Members only) 

When a large scale crisis occurs Rx Response launches a situation specific emergency website. An emergency website includes a detailed situation report that is updated daily, documents that are relevant to the response such as credentialing information, links to key websites, form to submit a product request, government actions, regulatory changes, and other key support information as the situation unfolds.

Preparedness (Members only)

Rx Response is committed to helping its public and private sector members prepare for the unique challenges that face the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain during emergencies. In this section you will find best practices, exercise templates that will allow you to test your own plans, and reports to assist you with crisis planning.

Response (Members only)

Rx Response provides members the essential tools for facilitating solutions in disasters. In addition to emergency pages that Rx Response launches during a crisis, we have resources for reoccurring response topics and state profiles that include state-specific emergency information, resources and a library of relevant state legislation.

Questions (Members only) 

Rx Response provides a forum for efficient and reliable communications, information sharing, and problem solving to ensure you have the connections and resource in place to be resilient during a crisis. This page is a form that allows you to submit a question or request for assistance at any time. You can not only submit a question using this form but you can report any obstacles you have observed, send any situation updates on impacts to your facilities, or potential supply issues.

My Account

Rx Response shares vital information and updates with its members and partners through our notification system. To ensure you get the most from Rx Response, update your communication preferences and select which email notifications you would like to receive. Don’t forget to also update your profile to ensure we have the correct contact information to reach you at during a disaster. You don’t need to be a member to sign up for our notifications.

About Us

As a new non-profit Rx Response will continue to grow and evolve the support and resources we offer. In this section you will find resources that you can share about the support that Rx Response provides.

We will continually be updating and expanding the resources and content to bring you timely and relevant information, so we encourage you to check back often.

     Email contactus@rxresponse.org with comments, questions or blog ideas.