About Rx Open

Rx Open is not currently activated for a disaster.

There is no benefit to a resilient bio-pharmaceutical supply system if those impacted by a disaster cannot locate an open pharmacy to get prescription medicine. To address this challenge and enable patients to be able to locate nearby open pharmacies in a disaster impacted area, Rx Response created Rx Open (formerly called the Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool).

This powerful online tool maps the location of open pharmacies using Google Maps, and also shows which pharmacies are closed and those whose status is unknown. This tool not only helps citizens locate open pharmacies following a major emergency, it also provides this critical information to government officials who need to quickly understand an emergency’s impact on public health in a disaster area.

For more information, click here for the Rx Open FAQs.

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Example Rx Open Maps

NOTE: These Rx Open maps are an archived version and are provided only as an example.

County Overview Map

The county overview map displays a high level view of how each county within an affected region’s pharmacies are impacted by an emergency. Each county is color coded based on the entire county’s operational status. When you click on a county, a box appears which contains high level data for that county.


County with 90% Pharmacies Open County with 80% – 90% Pharmacies Open County with < 80% Pharmacies Open

Individual Pharmacy Map

The individual pharmacy map below displays a list of individual pharmacies and American Red Cross shelters in the area affected by an emergency. Each pharmacy is color coded based on its operational status. When you click on a pharmacy, a box appears which contains contact information for that pharmacy.