Preparing for Disasters

The bio-pharmaceutical supply chain is extremely complex and comprised of many interdependent stakeholders, making a disaster in one location a potential threat to operations in another. Rx Response is committed to helping its public and private sector members prepare for the unique challenges that face the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain during emergencies. Rx Response works to minimize disruptions and their consequences on patients by:

  • Running complex, multi-stakeholder public/private exercises to test communication and coordination capacity across the supply chain
  • Facilitating opportunities for members to network and identify potential issues prior to disasters
  • Maintaining an up-to-date library of resources, tailored specifically for participants in the supply chain
  • Providing subject matter experts to evaluate and enhance individual members’ internal disaster plans as requested
  • Offering public services, such as Rx On The Run, an easy-to-use wallet card to keep track of current medications, and resources to improve readiness

Learn more about how Rx Response helps government, private sector, and the public prepare for disasters.