Rx Response ‘2.0’: A New Focus, New Talent, and New Look

Emily Lord

Emily Lord is the Executive Director of Rx Response. She provides strategic guidance and oversight to programs that build community health resilience in times of disaster or pandemic outbreaks. This includes creating partnerships with the private-sector medical supply chain, as well as public health NGOs and local, state and federal government agencies. Emily has led Rx Response through multiple natural disasters including Hurricane Sandy.

As I announced in an April blog post, Rx Response is excited to be embarking on a new chapter, one that focuses on proactively solving problems before an event occurs in an effort to build community health resiliency. It’s been a busy past couple months as we’ve begun this transition, and we are eager to announce several exciting new developments, as well as hint at several to come.

The first is that we are growing and bringing on new talent. I am extremely pleased to announce that starting next month, our fundraising and development capabilities will be markedly increased when our first-ever Director of Development joins the team. Kate Haskins brings over a decade of fundraising experience to Rx Response, with experience in some of D.C.’s most prominent policy organizations, including think tanks and influential non-profits.

But our new talent doesn’t stop with the addition of an experienced development professional. As we noted in our last blog post, current Director of Programming Erin Mullen will be transitioning to working with us in a part-time capacity from her home state of Florida at the end of this summer. However, we are excited to be bringing a new Director of Programming on board, so be on the look out for an announcement soon.

Another development we are excited to share (or at least introduce) is that we are re-designing our ‘look.’ While you may have gotten a sneak peek if you follow us on Twitter or have visited our LinkedIn page recently, the final components of our virtual makeover will be rolled out in the coming weeks, including a completely re-designed website. As an organization grounded in disaster response coordination and information sharing, we understand the importance of clear messaging, and believe our new website will make it easier and faster for our partners to locate the information they are looking for. So make sure you head to our website in the coming weeks to check it out!

A final development we want to hint at is one driven by the combined momentum of our new focus, new talent, and new look. So when you go check out our new website, you’ll find that not only do we have a new look, we also have a new name. It’s our hope that this name will more clearly convey our expanded mission and lead the way to new projects and adventures.


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