Privacy Program

Rx Response is exceedingly committed to protecting our member’s confidential information. During the course of normal operations, Rx Response may receive sensitive public or private sector information that may be used to develop situational awareness or solve member disruption.

We will never share out confidential information without the express permission of our members. We may from time to time share out aggregated or anatomized information to assist with our mission, but will always follow our member’s confidentiality requests.

To read our official privacy statement click here.

Information Sharing Stoplight Protocol


In order to protect Confidential Information, as defined in our official Privacy Statement, Rx Response created the following privacy categories to allow anyone receiving or sharing information to quickly determine the sensitivity level* (“Stoplight Protocol”).



Information can be shared with

Restricted Original recipients only. Information is considered confidential and appropriate only for the individuals selected to receive it directly.
Limited Members and key partners. Information is appropriate for general Rx Response members, including subscribers to state- and interest-specific groups, but is not to be shared widely.
Public Anyone. Information is public and may be shared freely, subject to copyright controls.

To learn more about the Rx Response Stoplight Protocol, information protections and where member information resides click here

*The protocol is based on a model used by the FS ISAC, a leader in secure information sharing.