Busy week: Response and Planning!

Erin Mullen

Dr. Erin Mullen is the Director of Programs for Rx Response. She is a pharmacist, emergency manager, and disaster responder.

ALERT for Typhoon DolphinThis week, we are simultaneously responding to a natural disaster, and proactively planning to prevent predictable issues when another disaster strikes.

First, we are (as of May 13) on ALERT status for Typhoon Dolphin, which impacted Guam and the island of Rota as a Category 2 storm. The initial reports we have gotten from a partner on the island was that impacts were minimal, and the pharmacy was able to reopen after a couple of hours of closure at the worst of the storm. Damage assessments are ongoing as of the writing of this post, and we are gathering the data to inform Rx Open mapping on the island.

We have responded to Requests for Information from our federal partners in HHS and DHS/FEMA, and we have reached out to our partners that have operations in the Western Pacific. Some of the unique character of response to this event highlights supply chains and our interdependencies – medical supply deliveries are reliant on logistics companies and ocean transport more than they are for operations in the continental United States.

Building a Framework for a Common Credentialing Solution

Second, as we move from a more response-focused to a proactive solutions-based organization, we are thrilled to highlight some exciting developments regarding a perennial issue that impacts critical healthcare restoration of service following disasters: access for employees and supply chain operations in a disaster impacted area.

Join us for two free webinars on how to ensure healthcare access into restricted areas and how Rx Response, CEAS, and ER-ITN are working together to develop an innovative solution to this common challenge. Next week, we will have two webinars to discuss the issue and a way forward that works for both the public and the private sectors. Please register and join us to learn more!

Assisting Healthcare Access into Disaster Areas – Public Sector

Expedited Reentry in Disaster Zones- Private Sector


  • Tuesday, May 19, 2015
  • 1:00-2:00pm, Eastern Daylight Time
  • This webinar will highlight how public health and emergency response officials can provide vital assistance to ensuring communities’ continued access to healthcare.
  • Register for the Public Sector Webinar

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2015
  • 1:00-2:00pm, Eastern Daylight Time
  • This webinar will introduce a new and innovative approach to reentry before, during, and after events, and how the private sector can play a vital role in advocating for this approach so that it is adapted widely by all levels of government.
  • Register for the Private Sector Webinar


For those who may be in harm’s way on Guam, Rota, and Saipan, you are in our thoughts – please stay safe. And for the rest of you, we look forward to speaking with you on May 19 and 20th!

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