Healthcare Access into Disaster Areas

Learn about our vision for expediting healthcare access into disaster zones here: Expedited Access into Disaster Zones One-Pager

View the slides from the Assisting Healthcare Access into Disaster Areas – Public Sector webinar held on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.

View the slides from the Expidited Reentry in Disaster Zones- Private Sector webinar held on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

For far too long we have seen persistent issues with identifying and allowing reentry of critical private sector personnel during and following a disaster. Restricted access into disaster impacted areas often causes delays in:

  • Healthcare access for patients
  • Deliveries of critical products
  • Employee access to work sites
  • Community and economic resiliency

And while everyone recognizes the need for rapid restoration of services, the approaches and priorities of the public and private sectors differ in implementation.

  • Large companies don’t have the resources to deal with >20,000 municipalities, >3,000 counties, 50 states + DC/territories AND the federal government
  • Law enforcement must be able to easily use & trust the solutions that are developed

Rx Response is leading the charge to create a solution that works across sectors and throughout the country to help get people back to work and get patients access to the healthcare they rely on every day.