Rx Response is a valuable free resource that gives local, state and federal emergency management and public health officials a single point of contact to connect with the entire bio-pharmaceutical supply chain during both emergencies and non-emergency periods. Interaction with Rx Response during non-emergency periods can help establish important relationships that are instrumental in protecting the flow of medicine when a major disaster occurs. Also during non-emergency periods, Rx Response can be a valuable resource for emergency planning, joint exercises and other collaboration.

During emergencies, Rx Response provides officials with invaluable information, such as the status of open pharmacies through Rx Open. Rx Response also keeps officials informed about potential impacts on the medicine supply chain and provides frequent situation reports. Through InfoCenter, a members only secure online portal, officials can submit requests for information or assistance.

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Emergency Activities

Rx Open

Rx Open, formerly called the Pharmacy Status Reporting Tool, is a powerful interactive map showing the operating status of pharmacies in an area impacted by a disaster. This information can be used by government officials, disaster relief organizations and medical providers to direct citizens to known open pharmacies during an emergency. Rx Open also enables officials to assess how the community as a whole is impacted by an emergency by seeing the percentage of pharmacies able to operate following a disaster.

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Situation Reports

When activated, Rx Response publishes a bio-pharmaceutical supply chain situation report on InfoCenter, the program’s secure, password-protected online portal. This report contains information on the emergency situation, impacts to the supply chain, and information and resources on potential solutions to supply issues. A redacted version is also available on Rx Response’s public website.

Government officials and private sector partners may request access to InfoCenter by completing an access request form for InfoCenter.

Information Requests

Rx Response is always available to answer questions from government officials about an active disaster. The program also serves as a resource for all-hazards preparedness and Critical Infrastructure Protection. Government officials are encouraged to submit information requests to Rx Response via email at

Non-emergency Activities


Rx Response spends significant time and effort reaching out to each of the 50 states’ emergency management and public health agencies to provide education on Rx Response’s mission and resources. Officials are encouraged to set up a meeting or phone call with Rx Response to discuss the benefits of working with this free program before a public health emergency. Experience has shown that federal and state agencies who build active working relationships with Rx Response during non-disaster periods gain the most from post-disaster coordination with Rx Response.

Joint Exercises

Rx Response has participated in joint exercises with a number of states and federal agencies to better understand how interactions and information sharing will occur during a major public health emergency and also learn how to enhance this coordination.

Emergency Planning

Rx Response has developed a planning document titled “Rx Response Integration with State Emergency Management” that provides background information on Rx Response and details the program’s capabilities during a public health emergency. Most importantly, the planning document provides a roadmap for state emergency management and public health agencies on how to partner with Rx Response during an emergency. Since every state’s operations are different, Rx Response planners have intentionally left this document in draft form. With input on what methods of communication and coordination work best for an individual state or federal agency, Rx Response can tailor its programs and communications protocol to fit the needs of each state.

Update Contact Information

Rx Response’s secure, password protected online portal, InfoCenter, enables information-sharing and problem-solving between all response partners. Federal and state officials are encouraged to update contact information to ensure that Rx Response is able to contact the appropriate individuals in the event of an emergency.

In disaster situations where Rx Response Monitors or Engages to respond to an event, all relevant and registered federal and state officials will automatically receive end of day situation reports from Rx Response detailing the event’s impact on the bio-pharmaceutical supply chain.

If there are additional individals that should be in the Rx Response database, request access via the InfoCenter login page.